The Big Kid turned FOUR!

A HUGE happy birthday to our 

Vayda Marie!!

Seriously, where does the time go? I feel like I just had her yesterday :(. 

Following our bite-sized Halloween, we woke up Thursday morning at the crack of dawn to spend a magical day at the happiest place on earth. Why the crack of dawn? It was Thursday so we needed to beat AM traffic to LA. Annnnnd we picked Thursday so we could avoid the big DL crowds. I packed our bags (I wish I could say they were already packed, but I lagged), packed the girls and off we went, the four of us plus Nana Tula. Vayda knew we had talked about going to Disneyland for her bday but we never said that was the day and it was the day before her bday that we went so we hadn't made a big deal about it. 

Sidenote: Yes, we live in Southern CA and no we do not go to DL on a regular basis. We may get passes in the future when they are more aware of things but at the moment the hubbs and I enjoy going for special occasions. We also want them to truly appreciate those special days when we do go. Let's also all agree, DL is effing expensive!!! lol 

On our way up the hubbs decided to tell Vayda we were going camping. I think that's what made our ride up so entertaining. There were long conversations going back and forth about camping and how she just wanted to go back home. It was hilarious. Once we got to the Disney lot and got out she was suuuper excited. Our whole day was great, short lines and tons of fun. It was the first time I've seen her boast about her birthday too, it was adorable! Someone said it was their bday too and she had to correct them, "no, it's my birthday." far 4 is so fun! 

This was Lori's first time to DL and that was a whole other excitement. We were joking before hand that she was going to have a blast because there is music and food. That's all our little chunkers needs to have a good time ;).

after each ride she would do the sign for "more". too cute!

We spent the night at the parentals, woke up to celebrate on her actual birthday with a traditional pancake & ice cream breakfast (these were my FAVE growing up). They played a little and then we hopped back on the road to SD. 

I guess we were in the celebrating mood (Hubbs would prob give me a sideways look and point to me) so we went to see Wreck it Ralph that night...even though we were all beat. That movie so fun btw, def a go see.

The next day she had her folkorico dance class and a last minuet birthday dinner at Fuddruckers with family and this time hubbs' sideways face has angry eyes. haha jk! He wanted to celebrate just as much ;). 

Sunday we relaxed and Vayda went to Legoland with her Nana & Tia. Talk about poooped! I never want to celebrate that much again ahha we were all exhausted but it was so well worth it. I only hoped that she would feel special on her birthday and man did she ever. :)

Seriously exausted reading this lol. that's it for a year! =P Happy birthday Vay! 


Rita said...

Happy Birthday Vayda-girl.

You don't go regularly? You've been there for every birthday!! :) We'll have to go together next time we visit.

PS. That green dress is one of my faves. And I love the pink bow.

Libby A. said...

thanks Auntie Ritz!

We have been fortunate enough to receive free tickets up until this year to go every yr for her bday. But I'm talking regularly as in all throughout the yr with an annual pass. I'm sure if we lived closer that tune would be a bit different haha.

DL with all of the little cousins would be SOOO fun! Let's start planning! and I love that dress too ;)


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