Duty Calls

Day one.
Transitioning back to work has definitely been more difficult this time around. With Vayda I didn’t know exactly how my days were going to be and so on. This time around I know what I’m going back to. Long days without the girls (about 11 hours), we don’t get to play and do arts and crafts, no nap time or coffee play dates :(…all around a bummer.

The night before my first day back to work was like I was in an ant farm. Moving back and forth from one room to the other trying to make sure everything was packed; extra clothes, diapers, snacks, bottles, my pump, and even bows lol. Everything was ready by the door for me to grab and go in the morning. I did just that except I did it with teary eyes. I knew I was going to be emotional but geeeeze. The girls were great, Vayda was even talking me through it in the morning. She was so sweet, telling me it was ok and reassuring me that she was going to help Nana Tula with baby Lori.

I dropped them off, gave them both kisses and was on my way. As I was driving I had tears rolling down my face. At the same time I was crying I was thanking God for Tula. She is truly a blessing to our family…I thoroughly appreciate her and the love she gives to our girls!

Once I got to work a few more tears fell out. I couldn’t catch them, I tried but it was too late. The second a few coworkers said good morning welcome back…they just fell out lol. After that I just grinned and bared it for the rest of the day. I made it through the day and went home to my handsome hubby and my beautiful girls. You better believe they were smothered with Momma love.

Today is Day Two. So far so good and I realize duty calls, I’m doing this for them. This too shall pass.

on day one...Lori, 12 weeks

10 weeks old

the girls, Vay 2 & Lori 11 weeks


Mom, Oma Lynda said...

I love it! I love each of you. I cry, I laugh, I sigh with you in those tender, precious moments and hard times. You are a Moreno woman for sure...strong yet tender, a woman who knows God with a grateful heart for her blessings. love you...each one.

Libby A. said...

You just made me tingle all over. Thank you for your encouragment and love. love you!


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