7 Weeks

It's been 7 weeks now since Lucky Lori has graced us with her presence. I'm glad to say things are still going well. There are still bumps here and there but I'm pretty sure the bumpy road is permanent lol. I think if it's not bumpy...there's something wrong!

Lori is still really calm for the most part. I will say she is growing into her lungs though, that girl has a good cry! For the last week or two she has been responding back to us more and more. I love it! I can see her following me around the room and smiling back when I talk to her...that has to be the sweetest thing in the world.

Vayda is still good with her (and getting better with us I might say as well...yay!!). She is definitely protective of little Lori. It's great to see Vayda loving her little sister. She has even chimed in lately when Lori starts to cry, saying "Lori,'s ok. We're right here". If you know our VaydaCakes, you know that she has been the queen of ears since she could reach ours. Don't know what I mean? Ever since she could reach our ears she began to touch them which was soothing to her. That was our little sign to know she was sleepy or falling asleep. Well I had to share this picture, I thought it was the cutest thing I have ever seen. Here is Vayda now touching Lori's ear as she (Vay) was falling asleep. Just a little tender moment...

Rita, Juan & Lucia are coming into town tomorrow for Megan and Sergio's wedding which is next week. I can't wait!! All of the family outings and having the little cousins together is going to be great. TONS of pictures to follow I'm sure!

Lori Darling - 6 weeks old



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Anonymous said...

love it !! kids tend to find their little love spots. we used to suck our thumbs when we were little so while tryin to sleep i'd rub my forehead , my sister would have her thumb in her mouth and her other hand rubbing her elbow then my other sister had a thing for touching my mother's face lol ... the girls are growing beautifully!!! continue to smile your doing a great job. miss and love you all !!


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