4 Weeks Today

VaydaCakes, 2.5 yrs and Lori, 3 weeks old
Lori 2 1/2 wks old

4 weeks old :)

Day after day I have a million things running through my mind that I want to blog about…obviously, that hasn’t happened. My mom put it well, “I’m on high demand”.

Lori is still a good calm baby, unless she is hungry or in the car seat, she will let you know! She is beginning to coo, still holding up her head like crazy and beginning to follow our facial expressions. We've even heard her giggle in her sleep a few times, it's so sweet!

Vayda has been a great big sister. She is constantly kissing her little sister, letting her know she will be back and not to worry if she is leaving the room, making sure the sun doesn’t hit her in the car seat and even letting Mama know when she is hungry lol. On the other hand, Vay has not been good with Vic and I. Don’t get me wrong, we have good days and bad days, but right now it feels like more bad :(. She is definitely testing her limits with us and telling us no or constantly not listening to us. If we are around other people, forget about it! She has been getting hyped up when others are around, rambunctious and defiant. Other parents out there….advice? We keep taking it day by day, making sure she is getting the attention she needs and I keep reminding myself it has only been 4 weeks since her little world shifted, hopefully we can get through this smoothly =). I do have to say, at first I was buying her everything because I felt bad and wanted to make her feel special, but over time I see that spoiling her does the opposite. Spoiling her probably makes everything worse. She won’t appreciate what she has and more importantly what means more to her is quality Vay time. Simple things like going to the park or having a tea party. So in between feedings that’s what you can find us doing…most of the time (I may be napping too lol). I haven’t done it all on my own though, Vic has been a great help as well as Nana Tula! She has been watching Vay a few hours a day so Vay can get out and play and giving me and Lori good resting time.

This last Saturday I was on my own with the two girls while Vic was out racing. I called my mom out of frustration because I didn’t know what to do. I’m still getting used to having two kids so the idea of getting 3 people ready, clean, fed and in car seats sounded like too much. Let alone fighting Vay to put her shoes on while trying to breastfeed haha. So I did it. Got them in the car after a frustrating morning……and drove in circles trying to decide on what to do. I wanted to get out in the first place to get Vay out of the apartment so she wasn’t planted in front of the tv all day. That’s what I feel bad about the most, because I’m constantly feeding Lori it tends to be the easy way to keep Vayda busy, just put a cartoon on. Of course the second we finally got in the car both of the girls were fast asleep. By the time we were out it was lunch time. So I went through a Starbucks drive through (bless the person who started those) grabbed a coffee and a protein snack thingy, those are delicious by the way! I decided to go to the mall, after missing the exit for the first mall I was going to I decided to enjoy the drive and go to one a little further. Anyway, to get to the point, the day ended out perfect! Vay and Lori were asleep in the stroller long enough for me to have me time and walk around. Vayda woke up just in time when I got to the play area and even a jumper! She loved it. I got a little nervous when we were done there because she has been known to run around and take off lately in public but she held my hand so well. We went to the food court were we ate; she was occupied by watching a game of ice hockey while I fed Lori. I couldn’t have planned it better. I’m sure it will get a little tougher once Lori gets bigger but Vayda will be bigger too as will I be ready for more.

Other parents out there to this all the time and with more kids. I’m just sharing our raw struggles, learning experiences and happy times.

The latest and greatest Vayda quote, “I have milk in my armpits”. Lol!

That’s it for now. XoxXO,


Rita said...

oh, I love those girls. Lori sleeps like you :)

Can't wait to see you, less than a month away!

Anonymous said...

You are such a great mom! I love you girls alot!

Libby said...

Ritz, we can't wait! And lori is a drooler too lol ;).

We love you too Ana!

Anonymous said...

Love it all... besos for vayda let her know tia meens misses her mucho as well as baby lori and im sure it will get easier for u soon. Your doing a great job !!

Libby A. said...

thank you Meens! We miss you dearly!


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