Despicable Me (THREE) Party: Part 3

This is the final chapter for the Despicable Me party. Here are the last little final touches that I added to the party. Like I said before, there were so many more things I wish I had the time to add, there are a million possibilities and ideas with this movie! In the end I'm happy with the way it turned out. I think the birthday girl and her guests enjoyed it too. 
Swan Lake thank you tickets, these were all over the table for the kids, next to the tutus for the girls. I found this amazing tutorial here from pluckymomo, along with her pdf file!  

Our lovely Tia Mini added these adorable M&M favor tubes to the table along "fluffly unicorn" centerpeices, which sadly I didn't get a picture of :(

Minion Goggles aka minty lifesavers, below them are the girls tutus (Bonus buy from the Dollar Tree!)

Not only is this my favorite picture, you can also see Vic wearing the Gru scarfs I made for the boys. I simply bought a yard of grey and black strped jersey material and cut strips. Since jersey naturally curls it's a no sew project!

Last but not least, this could not have been done without my party minions (and a lot of Starbucks)! Thank you Tia Taco and Cousin Big Hair! :)

partying it up over here:


Rita said...

I love that last picture! I guess that party planning class we took 10? years ago is paying off. haha.

Libby said...

hahaha! I guess so, and I still enter a parking lot telling myself "i'm going to find a spot in the front". too funny.

Ana Carneiro said...

Following you! Follow me back?


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