VnL House Hunt: Rejection.

TGIF! Seriously. This week has been such an emotional roller coaster. I just realized "emo" is from emotional. lol slow much? =|. 

Anyway, I wrote the post below on Tuesday morning. It's super sappy but exactly how I felt that morning. People don't kid around when they say that house hunting is not simple and you really do need patience when looking. Gotta work on my patience.

They said, don’t get attached.
             Don’t look with your heart.
             Don’t take it personal, they said.

How?! How are you not supposed to get attached when you’re almost 100% positive you just put an offer on your dream home? You sat there decorating it for hours in your head and imagined your kids playing in that beautifully landscaped yard. How are you supposed to take the rejection of your offer when you see the sale pending sign and you know it’s not for you. That sale is not yours and that’s how it’s going to be.

I did everything they told me not to do. This heartache hurts. All I can hope for is that our real dream home is still out there and we will meet it soon. Till then I will have to do my best and be positive while we’re looking. Not sure if my heart can handle this much rejection L

        I'm happy to say we have turned a new leaf. We have found a few homes that have spiked our interest since Tuesday (the market moves freakishly fast on this side). Nothing I can comment to as far as thee home, but at least we can see that there are other homes out there and when it's meant to be it will happen. I also feel like I've become a little cold and stone faced since the first offer fell through. Crazy to say, but I think I needed that. I needed to go through that process at least once (praying it was our first and only) to experience it and know...yep, you really can't lead with your heart till you get that key in your hand. This is me positive till the next rejection haha. 

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