VnL House Hunt: Bargain-basement shopping.

Lori in front of our NOT future home. one of many we've snooped in.
When we got the green light to begin our house hunt we were off with a running start. Now, not so much. It went from a sprint to a stroll through the neighborhood.  Better yet, a complete stand still. Talk about a test of patience. I may or may not have Googled "patience when home searching". It was either that or refresh the Redfin site and that option has become just depressing. Google-ing (yes, that's a word.) ridiculous stuff sometimes calms the nerves and shows your articles like this one. See, go crazy on Google! 

"What's out there is what's out there," said Greer Tan Swiston, a real estate agent with Century 21 in Wellesley. 

"It's a little like bargain-basement shopping. You just have to have the patience to look for it."

That's exactly it! What's on the market right now is not what we want. And when something does go on the market you better act fast because everyone else and their mom are watching and waiting too. So I have to stick to my guns, have patience and be in the basement when that offer for our first home pops up. Well you get it. 


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