Welcome Vayda Marie!

11.01.08 - Saturday we went to la Bellas for dinner with my parents and Vic's m0m and brother; my parents' plan was to leave that evening, but something on their car broke so we told them to spend the night and we would take care of it the next day. So we all stayed up playing the Wii till about midnight. Little did we know, their car broke down for a reason. At about 2:30am my water broke. I woke up so fast and told Vic. We both stayed really calm and began to get ready to go to the hospital. After the two of us took showers and I got my bags ready to go to the hospital (yeah, after being home for a few wks already from work I still did not have any bags packed lol) I went over to my mom and told her to get up because my water broke. I still didn't have any contractions at the time and was calm so my mom thought I was kidding and didn't believe me. When she realized I wasn't laughing she got up super fast, which also woke up my dad. Both of them were a lot more flustered than Vic and I and my dad kept saying that we were too calm haha.

On our way out of the house I still wasn't feeling any contractions and I think I was just excited to get going. I'm not sure what made me look up but when i did on our way out, I saw the brightest shooting star of my life! It may sound corny or that I'm making it up but it was beautiful and I knew everything was going to be ok...I couldn't wait to meet my little shooting star.

We arrived at the hospital, walked through the parking garage with my dad still commenting about how calm Vic and I were; as we walked in the front doors I was flooded with so many different emotions. We looked at the security and told her we needed to go to triage. She checked us in and that's when my nerves kicked in. No contractions yet, but I was nervous!!

The triage nurses checked us in, hooked me up to all the machines for my heart rate, the babies heart rate and who knows what else! Vic and I sat in that room for maybe an hour, staring at each other, wondering what was next. Slowly but surely I began to feel contractions. They were very small ones that would shock me more than hurt me (so far haha). Since our little curtain cubicle was right next to the front desk, we were listening in to the progress of our delivery room being prepared and also to them paging our doctor letting her know I was in labor. This took a little longer than it needed to because it was day light savings time, because of that all the computers were offline and they didn't have any of my medical records. It didn't look like it was going to come up anytime soon so they improvised, asked us a million questions to kind of make their own records for the time being. Finally they told us it was time to head up to the delivery room. They stuck me in a wheel chair (I hate wheelchairs, they make me nervous) and rolled me to the elevator. Vic yelled over the balcony to my mom, dad, Emilia, Michael, Sergio and Megan to let them know which room they could finally come up to and see us.

We got to the room and got comfortable. By that time I was beginning to get stronger contractions. I had decided that I did not want an epidural and I would muscle through the contractions. As time went by contractions got much much stronger and we got lots more visitors. The waiting room began to fill up with family and friends and so did my room. Vic and I used a lot of the techniques we learned in out childbirth class, we used a table to lean on while having contractions, an exercise ball, he and I rocked back and fourth like a slow dance haha, all to encourage natural dilation, we even used the bed and moved it into different positions (one being a chair, I didn't know beds could even do that!). I couldn't ask for a better coach, We worked so well together, our parents were a blessing to have in the room as well :)! The contractions got worse and I was ignoring people who were popping in to say hi because I was in a lot of pain. I think it was 4 or 5 hours into it and I thought I was close enough to push, the contractions were awful and I asked our nurse to see if it was time. I was only 3cm dilated!!!! Are you kidding me?! I was in so much pain and I was sure it was time. They were telling me that they needed to induce and use pitocine because my water had already broken, but I was pushing it off and told them I didn't want it. Well by then they said it was time and they really needed to induce because she had already been out of water for a while. Since the pitocine would make my contractions even stronger I gave in to the epidural, despite how much I wanted to deliver her natural.

Thank goodness I did get the epidural!! I was really nervous when the anesthesiologist came in, but Vic made sure I didn't see the needles, (he knows I would freak out!) held my hand and it was done pretty fast. After that I was so much better!! I had no more pain and I could actually acknowledge people coming to visit haha. By then I was still only about 4 or 5 cm dilated. The nurse told me to rest and maybe take a nap. But honestly, how did anyone expect me to sleep with so much excitement going on? I was about to have my little girl, I couldn't be anymore excited!

Finally about 4 or 5 hours later (my sense of time was all off) our nurse said I was almost 10cm dilated and I could began to slowly push while having contractions with just her and Vic in the room before paging the Dr. This was so nice because she was really looking out for me, she was great! She was all about things happening naturally, rather than forcing my body. So for a good hour She, Vic and I were talking and laughing. When I would feel a contraction coming on we would stop and push. When it was over we would take a break and finish whatever sentence I interrupted haha. Since I made it a point to not push the button for more medication from the epidural, just have the initial amount they inserted when giving me the epidural, by the time I was pushing I could feel and move my legs and feel a little pressure when a contraction came. Thanks to our childbirth class instructor for that advice, because I then had enough feeling to still push and know when to push without straining any muscles.

Now the doctor came in, they had all these tools and a few other nurses in the room for the big show. I think I pushed as hard as I could for about 20 mins (Vic would know the actual time, I was out of it) and there came Vayda Marie!!! Since she had a bowel movement in me when my water broke, the nicu nurses were in the room to check her right away and make sure she didn't swallow it or anything. She was perfect :)! Luckily I only had to have a few stitches, but the funny part is that when I was getting them, that's when i pushed the button for more medication through the epi! I still hate needles haha! A few moments later we got to introduce Vayda Marie to all of our family and friends.

11.02.08 - 1:07pm Vayda Marie Arreguin was born at 6 pounds 6 ounces and 18 inches long. So here she is, our precious angel.

Thank you to everyone for all your love and support!!! And a special big THANKS to Megan and Sergio, they made sure we got together for lunch every week to document this AMAZING adventure!!

Vayda being active at 3 days old, and the diaper bag Rita made me in the background :).

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