Halloween 2012

Can we all agree that Halloween on a weeknight is not the business?! Agreed. 

Ok, now that we all agree on that I’ll move on.

I stayed up the night before to finish *cough*(start)*cough* Lori’s Robin costume. Mind you, I have no sewing experience and thought I could whip this baby out without any kind of issues. Nope. I definitely need to work on my sewing skills. This was my inspiration. Adorable, right?!

I had already bought Vayda’s Batgirl costume from Thread Up so she was all set. Poor poor Lori. All I kept telling myself was at least she’s too young to even care what she’s wearing lol. I started by making the vest last week, halfway through I tried the lining on her and it was too small…we almost changed her costume to a 7/11 employee, the vest would have passed perfectly. Yes, I know, it has to be the easiest thing to make out there. Bad mama :(.

Anywho…I then decided to find a green onsie and sew what looks like a vest to the front. It worked! Well from far. The side seems did not match at all. Long story short, it was messy. My mom and sister would hang their heads in shame. The silver lining: I have an itch to sew more now. *woot*woot*. So here you go…please do not enlarge the picture…to many flaws in HD lol. 

the only few seconds she wore the mask

signing "more" for more candy =|

We cut our trick-or-treating short due to house hunting. Had the girls been a little older I don't think we would not have gotten away with that at all. A new house came on the market the night before so we met our Realtor at the home after work (it was cute but not for us) and then we were told we needed to sign a few more documents to be ready to make an offer when we did find the right home. I thought it really would be a "few" so we went home, got the girls dressed in their Halloween best and off we went to his office. The "few" turned into a few more and there we were sitting around a desk in a conference room trying to listen to him explain this giant stack of papers while Batgirl and Robin-girl (lol) were restlessly running around. I had a flashback to all of those meetings that felt like a lifetime with my parents and their Realtor as well. (sorry in advance girls, someday you can do it to your kids ;). We ended up going to Tia Mini's after, grabbed some food (thanks Tia!) and headed out for one street of trick-or-treating.

our actress lol

I'm pretty sure we will never have clear family photos...there is always something hahaha

this Robin-girl had enough. 

all are happy; she got candy and and mommy is happy it's not overflowing ;).
 Maybe cutting it short will be a tradition?! lol

Our next morning was a early early surprise that is for Vayda's 4th birthday! But that's for the next post. I hope everyone's Halloween was happy!!


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