Happy Halloweenie!

First, my heart and prayers go out to everyone that has been effected by the hurricane Sandy. It's truly devastating news hearing about all the lives lost and the damage done by this horrific storm. 

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween! I don't have any previews of the girls costumes for tonight, but I thought I would leave you all with a few ghosts from the past....
first Halloween together
Vay's first costume...little pirate cutie
the year of the panda....serious, she was obsessed!

and announcing the little one on the way :)

and last year, lady bug Lori and Captain America Vayda

 All I can say is that I'm glad it's dark when you trick-or-treat....Lori's costume is handmade. Enough said. Someone needs to work on their sewing skills =\.

Have a safe one!

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J + H @ Beyond the Stoop said...

well isn't she just adorable!! i can't wait until i have little ones of my own, and i hope they are just as cute!

i have been chosen to send you an ornament in the swap! Please send me your home address in an email ( and i'll get that in the mail to you before the 12th!

cheers, and happy holidays:)
Jenn & Hung


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