Shattered Screen

There I was, washing dishes when the ‘accident’ happened. I was minding my own business, getting the kitchen clean after dinner, I went to text Sam and Adriana back when the keys stopped working. Then it started to spaz out like it’s typical self. Flashing screen, froze for a second, you know, the typical. Then it just stopped working. Nothing happened. I snapped and my frustration got the best of me…I threw it on the kitchen floor. OK, maybe I slammed it face down on the kitchen floor.

It’s been dropped multiple times and thrown enough times by Lori that I thought nothing would happen. I thought I would pick it up, turn it back on and move on with my night. Nope. I heard the screen shatter. That very second my arm went up and the phone went down, the hubbs shot a look at me in shock. His face clearly read, what the hell are you thinking? I wasn’t lol.

I’m not going to lie. It felt SO good. But I couldn't express that feeling right away. The second it happened I realized there were 2 sets of little eyes watching too =\. I had to quickly scold myself, “that was not good” “mommy was bad, right?” “that’s not how we treat our things, ok?” “Mommy won’t do that anymore.” Vayda said she was going to tell the cops lol. Do I get the Mother of the year award yet?

About ten minutes later I could not stop laughing. I think I lost it. Or I’m losing it lol. Just thinking about it makes me laugh. I’m SO glad to be free of that dumb phone. Then the hubbs asked what I’m going to do about a phone…I could see he was annoyed and didn't see it as funny as I did. I tried to explain how gratifying it felt. Maybe I can convince him to do the same…we are due for an upgrade anyway.

Off to Verizon I go...


p.s. picture of the shattered phone to come 

p.p.s What phone to get?! Android or IPhone?

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Shannon said...

iphone!! For forever I've been anti ianything but I love my iphone. I was SO frustrated with my andriod for so long and I kept getting upgrades and trading it in thinking something HAD to be wrong with mine and it never got better. My iphone has never frozen, it moves fast, I get to facetime with my boys when im at work, it has emojis which are seriously stupidly fun, I love it.

Just to note: I may love my iphone but I still think ipads are stupid as shit. and Brandon owns one.


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