Baby Season: Welcome Olivia Riley!

Great Tia?

Yep! My niece and great niece were born in the same week! Not only the same week but delivered by the same midwife. How sweet is that?! Just four days after welcoming Mia Isabella into the world we were all back in the same waiting room anxious to welcome Olivia Riley with open arms.

Before I had the honor of being in the room while my niece, Samantha, gave birth (yes, more on that below) I got to catch up with Mia for a bit and bond…

I have to say, we make pretty adorable babies in our family…bias? I think not ;).

Lori meeting Mia...she wasn't quite sure 

Vayda was all smiles meeting her cousin Mia

So back to Sam and Olivia. We spent the whole day in the hospital while Sam was being induced. She had asked me a few days prior if I would document the birth for her. Um yes! Five years ago I would have fainted at the thought…literally. I was the girl who fainted at the sight of ANYTHING medical. I’m not kidding you, every shot I was given (up until I had Vayda) I fainted…every one. But after having Vayda I fell in love with birth. The whole process. I had such a great birth experience with her that I became obsessed with the process and everyone’s birth stories. Even after having Lori I felt in awe at how our bodies work…I would agree in calling me crazy after I had Lori witha smile on my face and asking for pictures. I feel like such a different Libby…I’m pretty sure my family would agree.  

Skipping the gory parts…Samantha did AMAZING. She stayed tough and got little Oli out safe and sound. Sam even pulled her out and pulled her up to her chest. Watching Samantha jump into a mother role in an instance with awesome. And seeing how safe Olivia felt and calm on her mama’s chest was amazing. Life is beautiful. Thank you again Sam for inviting me in the room!

Without further ado, I introduce you to my great niece, Olivia Riley…

Olivia's first swaddle by her daddy
Mia on the left and Oli on the right...Ecstatic Tia in the middle.
Unfortunately I caught a cold the day after that last picture was taken so I haven't been able to visit the better believe I'm on ever vitamin/med  I can get my hands on so I can hold these two beauties again!


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Rita said...

I'm sobbing like a baby. Not because of the babies, although that would have made me cry too, but because of the way you have grown up. It's true everyone, she did faint for everything (even once when they took her blood pressure). I'm so proud of you lil sis.


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