Tia Libby Here: Welcome Mia Isabella!

That's right! My brother Sergio and sister Megan had their first baby together, Mia Isabella, this last Sunday. She is simply gorgeous. After going the whole pregnancy without knowing the baby's sex and name possibilities you can imagine how anxious and excited both families were in the waiting room.
both sets of grandparents waiting patiently

our little make shift waiting room by the elevators
My Oma...this is her 11th great grand baby! 

after the news broke :)
She is the 6th granddaughter on our side of the family. That makes my parents grandparents to 6 girls and 1 boy...and soon to be great grandparents to another baby girl any day now :). You may call us a baby factory of girls lol. Megan is doing great and so is baby Mia. What more can you ask for?!

Proud Tia signing off. :)

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