Dancing Queen & Merry Wishes!

 For having her Folkorico recital on a weekday, everything was moving all too well. When we got to the auditorium we did have a few hiccups (i.e. thought I dropped her shoe at home and was going to send her on the stage in her dress and tennis) but nope, everything went as planned.

Their first dance was great...well they fumbled on the floor but they "danced" so cute! I had to stay in the front of the room to keep my photo op spot so I asked the hubbs and Nana Tula to run back and help with the costume change for the next dance. 

That's when the fun began. A few songs later, performed by the older girls, Tula said Vayda needed to go potty. I jumped up and went to the back of the auditorium to help her out. As I was walking back there the girls in her class were all in a line holding hands going to the front of the room, their dance was next. I couldn't see which was Vay because they all had HUGE sombreros on their head lol. I frantically looked at the hubbs asking where she was and he said the front of the line. Without thinking I went back to my spot and prayed that she wouldn't have an accident in the middle of the dance floor. The Cucaracha song came on...yes I said Cucaracha lol, and she wasn't there. We all shot looks at each other screaming with our eyes, WHERE IS VAYDA?!? I ran back to the back of the room and at that very second the teacher was running out of the bathroom asking if they found her mom. OMG she was in the potty lol! I ran in and could not help but laugh a little...I was waiting for something to happen. Thank God it wasn't on the dance floor in the middle of the auditorium!!
The moment I had her skirt back on and ready to go, the teach swooped in, picked her up and got her to the dance floor the moment their next song came on. It was classic. After little things like that it makes me breath more, enjoy every second and reminds me not to feel like everything has to be perfect. It's the little imperfections that make everything worth while. I began taking pictures and even face-timed my parents and Oma so they could see her last dance. Made my heart smile.

So from our home to yours:

I know she's going to kill me for this later, but how adorable does it get?! This is def going in the wedding slide show ;)

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