Christmas/NY 2012/13

There is SO much that has happened over this Christmas/New Year break. So much that I've been too overwhelmed to put it in writing. And frankly I haven't had the urge to post. Call it a rut, writing block, whatever you will. I'm going to call it living in the moment. I write when I have spare time, usually at work when I need a teeny break (hope the boss man never sees this lol). So I'm not in that routine to take time out at home and write a blog post. When I'm home, I'm home and living in the moment. Enjoying my family and me time. *kudos* to those who post regularly, I wish I did, but I don't. And I am OK with that. :) So here are a few lot of scenes from my vaycay...and a little news at the bottom. Please do expect a post on that soon ;). Sorry in advance for the picture overload.
Our tree; her favorite color; her cheesin'
J&V annual Christmas shindig; the new crew

Christmas Eve at Oma & Poppi's; babies everywhere! :)

Christmas morning
packing & our new stoop (ahhhhh!!)
More to come on that last one, you better believe it!!!


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Rita said...

our kids are twins! I saw the picture of Lori--bottom right in the christmas morning collage--and thought it was Lucia. Then I said, wait a minute, when was she with Nana Tula!


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