Her 1st Recital.

This makes me so happy and uber sad all in one. Before Saturday I never thought about this at that all. Then it hit me when the recital ended.
 Her first recital. 
This is the first time she will stand on a stage and we will beam with love and be ever so proud of her. There will be more of these moments down the road, I'm sure. Whether they are games, recitals, spelling bees, graduations or whatever it may be, this was the first one. I want to relive this day over and over. This makes me sad because we cannot have that moment back (ok yes, I'm being selfish). She's my first baby and this just means she's growing up. I'm desperatly trying to hang on to each moment. Too obvious?

Moving on, we had no idea how she was going to be. At home she will put on a full sing and dance performance for whoever asks. Of course there are moments she will get shy and shut down so for sure we thought she was going to do that on stage. Especially with a full auditorium in front of her. Not to mention we had a minor tradegy on our way. As we were walking to the car to leave Vayda ran to may car. Before I could say a word I knew what was going to happen next. Yep, she fell. Hard! Of course she was already wearing her tights. 

Tears followed by, "Moma!! I need to go to the doctor!!" 

I didn't even look, I just grabbed her, reassured her she was alright and put her in the car seat. Then I looked and so did she. "There's blood!!! There's blood!!!" (that's her not me btw lol). Vic cleaned up her gravel bloody knees, I threw a towel over them so she wouldn't freak out more and we made a pit stop at Target for some new tights. Now running late, I text the dance teacher explaining the fall and we are on our way. 
Oh hey, can you tell this is my first recital too?! The teacher clearly has more important things to worry about, there was no need to text her haha. 

We get there and the place is packed. I rush her back, change her tights and I think she was good to go because she was surrounded by family that came to support her, she forgot about her knees for the time being. Once her routine came up (which felt like fooorrreeeeverrrr) she waltzed right up there, did her little boogie woogie piggie and as the girls were getting of the stage she felt the need to stay and bow. 
Yep, that's our rock star. 

waiting to go on stage and all smiles.
sorry it's blurry 


jessica said...

Awee too cute!

Shannon said...

How stinkin CUTE!!! I can't wait for Anthonys first game, whatever sport it may be!

Libby A. said...

thanks ladies! It was super cute =] and fun!

@Shannon, You will understand then about his "first one" it's too much <3


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