Friday's Letters, 6/1/12

First, Happy June! Holy wow did that creep up fast or what?! 

Dear Hubbs, thank you for late night talks and being who you are. I love you so much and appreciate the fact that we can talk. Truly, it's a big deal. thank you for that. 

Dear Vayda, It's your first recital tomorrow! WOOHOOO! I can't wait! I'm curious to see if you will clam up or if you will take the stage and own you do at home lol. Either way we love you so much and are so excited to see you perform. p.s. we def need to practice some more tonight lol. Boogie Woogie Piggie here we come! 

if the recital doesn't go well we can go back to painting ;)

Dear Lori, You are such a dare devil and it's freaking me out. It's not funny to stand on the rocking chair and move like you're surfing. Ok, it's cute. But please take it down a notch. At least till you have real balance hahha. love you! 

And lastly
Dear blogger friends and family, This morning I stumbled on a new organization. It's called Speak Now! They are a brand new organization with intentions or giving young women the resources to "have faith in themselves, their beliefs, values, and aspirations."
A little from the organization: 

"Each detail is crafted with  young women in mind. 
We at Speak Now have this dream- 
to inspire, empower, create, educate, and love young women internationally. 

We want to see young women have faith in themselves, their beliefs, values, and aspirations.   

Each "like" our organization receives on facebook funds a dime to the storefront teen shelter in San Diego, California."

The Ellie Life

Happy Friday & TGIF!!



Ariana said...

Libby A. said...


Jenny said...

I loved my daughters first dance recital, it was the cutest thing ever and I was so surprised that she didn't get scared up on the stage!

I am so glad I stumbled upon your cute blog! I am your newest follower! I would love if you would check out my blog and if you like what you see please follow back :)
Modern Modest Beauty

Libby A. said...

HI Jenny, Thanks for stopping by and I will def check out your blog as well :)!

I was shocked, but she did go up on first recital experience ever!


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