Gettin' Healthy: Kale Chips!

Have you had them yet? Well I made them and they were delish! 
I'm finally getting back in to my motivated-eating-healthy-'n-exercising-self...hallelujah! 

These are so easy to make. As easy as 1.2.3 (no really look below) and ever so healthy for you. And if you know me you know I'm a big snacker. I love munchies. After making these I noticed myself eating them up like popcorn, that's when I knew we had a winner.
 FYI, I loooove movie theater popcorn. I think I can eat a large all by myself. Sad, I know. 

1. wash the kale, pat it dry and tear it into chip-size pieces. 
2. drizzle olive oil and garlic salt.
  (I wouldn't add too much of either, wait till they're done to see if they need more salt)
3. place the kale on a non-greased baking sheet and in the oven at 350 degrees for about 15-20mins. 
I think the next time I make them I'll try some paprika for a kick. 

See, so easy huh? Now go try it! 
I would also like to report that I made it back to the gym today at lunch after a loooong time. Man did it feel good. I'm sure my muscles will pay me back tomorrow hah.

Vayda was not amused 
Lori is still my little food tester ;) haha  

We'll see how long that lasts...


Rita said...

I'll have to try them again, we have kale in the back yard.

PS. Lori is wearing a shirt I made! I'm so excited that someone can wear the clothes I make Luci. :)

Libby A. said...

seriously?! Rita, that is one of Vic and I favorite shirts to put her in! You NEED to start selling/putting (well both) tags in the clothes so I can brag more lol. I love you!!!

sophistifunk said...

i can't wait to make these kale chips, yum!

Libby A. said...

yes do! They are amazeballs


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