I’m a mess today. Woke up late and I feel like I’m coming down with a cold. Throat is burning, fighting an earache and I'm pretty sure I look how I feel. Most days my hair is pulled back because I only have enough time to care about it for the few seconds it takes me to form a bun/pony tail/braid. Today I’m wearing it half down and it’s hardly combed…I must be feeling super crappy today.

Apparently, when you embrace messy hair you can pull it off. i.e. see below.  

Mr. Burrito man at the taco shop seemed to think my hair looked just fine haha. Thanks for that rose napkin guy! Now back to my cube to push through the last half of my day. Warm tea & hunny (& honey) here I come. ;)


1 comment:

Rita said...

I thought my hair was getting long!


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