can we move fwd please?

“Mama, I’m all ready to go. I have everything I need.”

Maybe she is a girly girl after all? Lol. Is it bad to wish your kid has to wear glasses because she looks so darn cute in them? Ok, I guess it is bad. But how freaking cute does she look?!

Last night I came home to yet another mess. Our apartment has now had 9, yes NINE, leaky pipes/roof. That means nine times out of the 2 ½ years we've lived there, there have been open holes in either the wall or ceiling to fix them. 9 times I have had to clean our stuff off because of their mess. And 8 out of the 9 times it took them 3 weeks or more to fix the problems and patch things up (surprisingly this last one took only 1 weekend, wow). I've had enough. I told our landlord last night that I did not want their “fix it crew” to come back tomorrow (now today) to change the wood out from under the sink. I told her I didn't want to clean up after that and they can revamp the whole place if/when we eventually move. She then said, so you’re moving now? No! If we had a place to go I would have left a loooong time ago. I was a little emotional I’ll give you that. And she’s not the one to blame so I can’t be hard on her. Her boss is the worst apartment manager EVER. It could possibly be because she’s preoccupied with her affair. Oops. Anyway, I am grateful for this apartment, despite the leaks it’s been good for us. Quite honestly it’s kind of spoiled us. Since we’re looking at older homes our bedrooms and bathrooms now are much bigger than any homes we've looked at =\. Womp. Point of this rant? Please PRAY we find a home soon.


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Rita said...

yes, it IS mean. I've been telling you how lucky you are to not have to wear glasses all your life! UHG!


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