Friday's Letters

preschool 2012; age 4
Ready for her first picture day!

Vayda, I loved dropping your off at school yesterday and I hate that I can't do it everyday! Watching you interact with your friends was so fun. And hearing you announce to your friends that I'm your mama made me feel proud :). Well that's until you got up in their face and repeated it haha. love you baby!

Lori, Your obsession with shoes is growing like mad! I realize you LOVE shoes and you are worried when people are barefoot but this shoe craze is kind of crazy. But because I love you so, I will wear my one old flip flop you found, who knows where, all morning while I get ready for work and I will help you slide into my heels. But please stop fighting me when I go to take Vayda's old shoes off your feet (which are too big for you still) to put some on that fit you. love you darling!

Hubbs, Thank you for the fancy honey last night! I seriously thought about eating that whole honey comb. This cold sucks, but thanks for taking care of your 'ol lady ;). love you muchoooo!

New blog friends, Welcome to IELM and thanks for following!!! I love new faces and I can't wait to explore your blogs as well!
so fresh and so clean clean
New haircut, (yes, you get a letter too) I think I love you! I needed a cut SO bad. With that 3 almost 4 inches gone my head feels much lighter. I think we are going to work.

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Have a great weekend everyone!!



1 comment:

Rita said...

V looks so cute and grown up!

Now I know what to get Lori for Christmas. Are her feet narrow by chance because I have some leopard print mary janes that she would love.

And your hair looks great, definitely deserving of a letter.


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