Her first school pics!!

I have what feels like, a million things going on right now. I had projects thrown at me at work, house hunting is NOT my friend right now (let alone our Realtor, but that's another post) and projects that need to get done on the side. Yesterday was a pretty crappy day...till I came home to these beauties. Vayda's preschool pictures! I'd say her first picture day went waaaay better than all of mine combined haha.

@momabirdlibby on Instagram

What a way to whip my day around, right? I freaking love that little smile! Today is trying to go the same direction as yesterday so I'm going to keep starring at those pictures ;). 

Also, did you have a chance to check out my sister's etsy?! Her french press covers a selling really well! :) 

visit her shop now :) 
Happy hump day!

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Rita said...

Thanks for all the shop love! By the way, everyone needs to know that YOU made my banner! So cool!

I NEED one of those pictures. :)


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