Our weekend in pics & MARGEE SLIM!

Turkey Day Outfits!

I hope everyone had the best long Thanksgiving weekend ever! I definitely enjoyed the break, it was MUCH needed. One thing I will say though, the people who came up with Cyber Monday knew EXACTLY what they were doing. Having a desk job on cyber Monday is not ok. Just saying. Anyone want to boast about your best cyber deals so far? Please share, I love hearing about great finds! :) 
pre and post Thanksgiving
 3 pies made in our jammies (pants optional for the girls haha) and the cutest/most entertaining table cloth from the MIL! 
post turkey @ Knott's Berry Farm!
 Surprise Knotts day with family!

****Exciting Announcement**** 
My sister, Rita, finally opened an Etsy Shop! I say finally because everything she makes is amazing and I’m not just saying that because we’re related, she is stuffed with talent! So go now, check out her shop it’s called Margee Slim. It’s the first of many different products she will be providing…right Ritz? And if you’re a coffee lover like we are or you know one, you will LOVE these French press covers. They add so much character to your kitchen while keeping that coffee goodness warm (Rita, I kind of want them all). While you’re at it, check out her blog too! There you will see a glimpse of all of the amazing things she can do not to mention my pretty adorable nieces that model her work. So go now! 


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