SHOUT OUT: Thread Up!

*No, this is not a sponsor post, nor are they paying me for this post lol. I sure wish though! hah.*

This is to all those parents out there spending loads of money on kids clothes and find the clothes in a "don't fit" pile two weeks later.

 When I was pregnant with Vayda I wanted new clothes only...and her being my first kid, I'll admit, I was a little snooty prior to having her thinking only new is the way to go. The moment I had her I was LOVING all the hand-me-downs we received. Hand downs are the shizz people! Kids clothes get expensive and they grow out of them SO freaking fast!

Today I stumbled upon this site and I think I'm in love. Consignment store for kids at your finger tips...literally.

Check it out, Thread Up. You can browse by size, brand, category the list goes on and on. Have clothes you want to sell and clean out of the closet? No problem, have them send you a bag and they will send back cash money! 

I just spent $43 for 8 brand name pieces of clothing which are either new or barley worn (well yeah, kids grow so darn fast!). Any orders over $40 receive free shipping. Expect a post when I receive the clothes in the mail as well as my Thread Up Bag! :)



Rita said...

yay for consignment! Have you found any consignment sales in your area? take Sam. I'm gonna sell back half of what I bought the last time, plus some. :) oh, and we have a box of clothes coming your way.

Libby A. said...

I agree, I can't wait to get the clothes! I have a TON of clothes for you...trying to figure out how to send them. =P


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