Friday's Letters, 9/14/12

Dear Friday, Can't you move any faster?

Source: via Sunshine on Pinterest

Dear Vayda, I can't beleive you start Preschool on Monday! Crazy pants! I'm so excited for you to see things in a new light, meet new people and grow even more than you already have. Yay school! :)

Dear Lori, Are you ready to be a single child for a few hours everyday now? I know you're going to miss your sister but your time will come soon me :).

Dear Hubbs, are we there yet?!

Happy Friday!!
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Kristine Foley said...

I love your daughter's name! So unique! Found you thru the hop and looking forward to following your blog!

KristineThe Foley Fam {unedited} Blog

Nicholl Vincent said...

haha that ecard is the best!

Following you now! Have a wonderful weekend!! Stop by and say hello! :)


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