random is good.

Last night was one of the best random nights a long time.

When Vic and I were dating you would always be able to find us eating take-out on the water with the SD skyline in front of us. Whether it was after a night out and our 4th meal lol or it was just the beginning of a night out we were there. If we weren't there we were in OB on tower number 3, on a Tuesday, waiting for the Sea World fireworks. That was the life.

It had been so long since I even thought back to that and yesterday we recreated one of those nights. Only this time we had two little chatter boxes in tow. It was amazing to sit there and think about how much has changed in 5 years.

After running an errand at my brothers house we drove through a Santana's (Mexi food..also like the good 'ol days) got dinner, stopped on the water, sat on a picnic bench  and ate...the hubbs and Lori were hungry! haha.

Everything was perfect about that random picnic on the water.

Um, yes. I love the city I live in! 

I was a little too lazy to turn off my flash haha. 

Our fashionista

Lori Darling chowing down on papa's burrito

the girls ...excuse my tired face.

Vay kept saying "another family picture!!"

life rearranged

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Shannon said...

Oh my gosh! I love the family pictures!! <3 and I LOVE LOVE random family times like that. The best.


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