All is Well.

Lori's 1st bday.
My sister and I do this same pose for our pictures! 

I'm feeling sooooooo much better today! My cold is gone (but it left a sore crusty nose behind lol), the hubby is back from racing in Utah (I did miss you more mr.!), I'm finally being myself again (not sure how to explain this) and I have a venti cup of coffee by my side. 

All is well. 

In the kid realm, I think Lori is going to talk soon! Of course she says "Mama, Papa, agua & bath" but she is trying to form new words so hard! She's trying and so close to saying "please, Vayda, Minnie Mouse & Sponge Bob" to name a few. I know, I know...Minnie and Sponge bob? What can I say, her sister is 3 lol. Let's see how it goes when we have two chatter boxes running around...hmmm maybe we should enjoy this?!


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