DIY: Trophy's!!

These have been made before and this is not original but I am proud that we did it. Something crossed off our pinterest list....which says a lot because there is A LOT on there haha.

These trophy's are so fun to make, super simple and a cute gift for any occasion! We made ours for Father's day. :)

+glue gun and rice if wanted..
 I forgot about the rice =\. It just adds another texture which is nice too. 

stop and take a pic of the little cutie...ok now continue...

make sure you do this outside...well duh. 

Vayda LOVED placing the "treasure" on the trophy! 

almost done...

place on mantle. 

I didn't have a good picture of the 3 of them so I improvised and added the one on the bottom...I think I'm going to have to update it ;). I didn't get a good picture of my dad's aka Popi, so that update will come later as well. 

Happy Monday! 

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