Gettin' Healthy: Protein Box

Since getting on my fitness kick again I've been trying to stick to a high protein diet. Not being all crazy about it. Just making sure my carb intake is very VERY low. So pretty much little to no carbs. Not Atkins, more like South Beach (in case you're familiar with either). 

I thought I'd share my protein pack with you all. I love the Sbux protein bistro box, but my wallet does not. Especially since I could easily eat that thing everyday. So here you go, a thrifty and quite easy do-it-at-home protein pack. 

Nice little container was $1. at the Mexican market...woot! 
Package of 8 small creamy peanut butter cups was $2.99. I do like love the Justin's peanut butter packs in the sbux box but they are expensive for just one =\. 

Cut a few slices of low-fat cheese, one apple (or a half if you'd like), 1 small bunch of grapes, hard-boiled egg, toss in an easy to-go peanut butter pack (the one shown in the sbux bow is also available in stores, just suoer pricey) and you're good to go! 

Sbux's box at $4.95 vs. IELM protein box, no more than $1.50
The only item I didn't include was the museli bread.

I eat mine about a 1/2 hour to 45 mins before my workout. I think it gives me an extra boost. And it's also my bfast lol. win/win. 

Next I would normally talk to you about carbs and compare the two, but I'm not counting carbs, just high protein I'm not even gonna go there ;). Trying to go this route and see where it takes me. If you are still interested in counting carbs (which does work) here are a few sites that I've used in the past. 

It's really not that hard, take a few mins before you turn off the kitchen lights for the night and pack everything for the next morning. I made the eggs in a big batch so it's even quicker to pack for the next week. Don't get me wrong, if I'm stranded and need a boost I will still buy theirs, but this is nice for the everyday, not-stranded situation. 

Here's another nice tid-bit about snacking with protein before a workout (via pinterest) --->


Marybeth Thielke said...

woop woop! Even though my hubby is a manager at Sbux, way to go! :)

Libby A. said...

hahaa, well truth be told I'm still a HUGE sbux junkie. Just gotta save my money for coffee dates =P

Rita said...

good thing you're making these at home. I don't know how you can go to starbucks and avoid caffeine.

Libby A. said...

who said avoid caffine?!
now that's crazy talk haha


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