Friday's Letters!

Happy Friday! 

This week went by SO fast and I love it! 

Dear Oma - HAPPY 93RD BIRTHDAY!! You are thee strongest women I know. Thank you for being so amazing I love you to the fullest and wish I could be with you today to celebrate. I hope the pinata came through for your bday! I've never met anyone more into sports than you so I hope you swing that bat hard! 
Lori is the 2nd to youngest great grand baby (till June, there will be another great grand babe & a great great grand babe) with her Great [amazing] Oma. <3

Dear Mae - Congratulations!!! Your family has been in my thoughts and prayers and I am SO excited for you to be a family of three and that you had a great trip and time with Abi! Seriously have not stopped thinking about you all. The hubby gets to hear the updates too :). 

Dear Friends - Go check out Mae's blog. She is amazing, her heart is pure gold and go support her and her husband on their new journey as a family of three! (And thank you ever so much for being awesome blog followers of mine!)

Dear Hubbs - thank you for your support on my new fitness kick. I would totally slack if you didn't send me encouraging texts (i.e. "this is your 11am reminder, don't eat carbs! :*") I love you! 

Dear Vayda & Lori - I love that you two love each other so much, but it's already getting too physical lol. Hugging turns into wrestling...and you're only 31/2 and 1! Brings me back to when my mom would say "You're laughing now but stop before you're both in tears". Yep, just quoted you're Oma! haha. Love you both as high as the sky and as deep as the sea! 

Dear self - You kick @$$ in the gym this week! Stick to it..we're (is that right? "we're" to myself? hhahaa) feeling great! 



Rita said...

I LOVE that picture. Did you really send Oma a pinata? That's awesome.

Don't forget the best discipline tool mom ever used--nose to nose.

Let's talk this weekend. I miss you.

Libby A. said...

Haha nope but I encouraged her to get one. Did you see the video of oma hiting it?! Lol

I miss you too!

Mae said...

Oh my gosh. This SERIOUSLY made my week. I am so BLESSED to have amazing people like you praying for us from a distance. I simply can't tell you how much this means to me! You are THE. BEST.



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