left: better than Sunday morning cartoons
right: my goon on a weekday morning 

Reading: Captivating. Yes, I'm on the late show I know. The girls past out last night while I was reading to them and the closest thing to me was Captivating so I thought, hmm no better time then now. I also loved having them nestled next to me and didn't want to move. 
Watching: RHONJ. Trying to catch up and ugh, this show is so freaking addicting! I yell at Teresa and wish she could hear me lol. Better yet, I wish she could hear how ridiculous she is being! 
Thinking About: Preschools. I never thought it was this difficult to find one you like for your kiddo and find one that is resonable on your wallet. Can I just say some are INSANELY priced?! 
Loving: My girls nestled next to me last night while we were reading. Not gonna lie, it took a while for them to calm down and stay put. Lori needed to be on top on my face apparently and Vay did not like that she was closer to the book, but once they got settled I was lovin' it. 
Anticipating: Father's Day. Let's face it, our family has an issue of planning ahead of time. So the week leading up to any special day tends to be hectic, we all say things that may or may not hurt someones feelings but when that special day rolls around it always turns out to be a good time. We all enjoy each others company and suddenly we forget about the previous week...until the next special day rolls around =\. 
Listening to: Electric Guest. I love their song "This Head I Hold" but wasn't digging the rest of the album until I had it on repeat for about 10 times haha I guess I'm digging them a lot. Bonus: Lori loves dancing to their whole album, she even taps her toes ;). 
Eating: Shoot, was just reminded...about to eat my protein pack. My class starts in 1/2 hour eee! 
Feeling Thankful For: Free gym classes at work! Serious, loving all the classes. I don't work out half as hard on my own. Yesterday I took Pilates and today I'm off to MaxBURN. Day 12 of my Gettin' Healthy kick, woot woot! 


tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

RHONJ ... or any one of them for that matter- I have been known to watch it for hours. And when I say hours I mean like 9 hrs straight with maybe two pee breaks. addicting? is that what that's called? hmm.

Libby A. said...

haha just a little addiction ;) nothing crazy =P


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