Vayda said what?

Second edition of: 

My lil goon always has something to say. 
This was our conversation yesterday as we were driving home: 

Vayda: Mama you are papa's girlfriend and he is your boyfriend. Right? 
Me: Ummm we used to be, now he is my husband and I'm his wife. We got married.
Vayda: But why?!
Me: Because we love each other!
Vayda: Where was I?
Me: This was before you were born. 
Vayda: Well you know what? My heart is tearing now! 
(at this point our little actress is distraut)
Me: Why Vay? 
Vayda: Because he is my prince and you took him away from me! Now who am I going to marry? You took my prince charming 
*followed by fake crying lol
Me: You will find a prince when you are older and then you can marry him! 
Vayda: But NO! I need one for right now. I need one my size for right now! 

Oh geeze. I think we have another hopeless romantic on our hands. Seriously? Is this what you wanted 3 year olds to be worried about Mr. Disney? Do any of your 3 yr olds worry about who she/he will marry?


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