Confession Wednesday [7] link party!

Confession #1I ate 3 cupcakes on Monday night. Yep THREE. L I still feel gross and it’s Wednesday! Thanks a lot Sam for brining those over =|. Not to mention I am baking for the rest of the week for the party. Dear willpower, please kick in now. Thanks, the management.

going to attempt to make some of these guys this week for the party =]
image source (and a recipe)

Confession #2 I totally have been slacking on my workouts *BIG SAD FACE*. I need some motivation. Better yet, I need a better alarm clock in the AM. I have been sleeping in super bad lately. And considering my 1st confession, this is going nowhere good. womp womp. 

Happy Hump Day! 
The Linkup will be open till next Wednesday. Simply link up your confession(s), kindly add my button to your post and spread some comment love. But most of all have fun with it. It's Wednesday, why not?!

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