Vayda Said What?

With life going on and the holiday weekend I am so thrown off! Here's a few tid bits that made me laugh. All from our local comedian, Vayda Marie.

"I don't have a license, but I do have a license. I left it in my purse at Nana Tula's.
When I take you out I can buy you gum and movies and take you to Poppie's and everything."

"This was not my idea! My idea was was to _________" (fill in the blank with eat some kind of candy/go to her bffs house to play haha)

"Mama I will be your valentine and your Vayda. You have to share with papa because I'm he's valentine too."

"We're going to see Nemo. You know, the orange fish!" Me: "I'm going to eat him" (going to sushi lol) Vayda: "No he's not for dessert. Hes going to taste awful!"

I always laugh and tell myself that I will remember these little comments forever and that's not the case. Like I've mentioned before, my memory sucks! So this is my little Vayda time capsule.

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