Friday's Letters

Dear Hubby,
I love what you said to me this morning. "I will always be honest when it comes to muffin tops and leggings." Too funny and I love your honesty haha. I hope you find the sweetest deals to be found this weekend at the Big3. I love seeing you happy and in your element at these things...and I love enjoying them with you too! Ok, 'nuff of the cheesiness. Love you!

Dear Vayda,
Were you sleep talking last night or did you really wake up and say you needed to close the door? You did that twice last night and frankly I was half asleep but you found your way to the door and closed it...both times haha. I love you goober butt!
P.S Holding you down because you're screaming and crying in the dentist chair is not fun for either of us...can we please work on this? I love you =]

Dear Lori,
You found a way back to our bed. BUT I'm just telling you now, once this cold of yours is gone (and probably a little sooner) and all that flem let's you breath better, you will be back in the crib. I'm sorry, it's tough love...I think it's tougher for me but we need to stay strong. I loved your good morning smile this morning when you saw your papa was still home. Ok, maybe you can stay a little longer. hah. love you bunches sweet pea!

Dear Storm Trooper,
Welcome to the family! I absolutely love how spacious you are. I told Vayda that the 3rd seat is for her friends and I don't think I have ever seen her eyes and smile get that big lol. You are a greatly appreciated addition to our family <3. I have always been greatful for our other cars and appreciated them...but to finally have a door clicker, power window and power doors is so fun haha. Never take the little things for granted people!

Dear Friends,
friends meet the Storm Trooper, S.T meet the friends ;).



Hilary Anna said...

awesome new car! Getting new vehicles is always so exciting. Love Friday's Letters!

Laura Darling said...

Love that car!! How exciting!

Libby A. said...

I love it too! it's so fun!


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