WTF Photo Challenge: Week 3

Um, I think I failed the challenge part of this haha.
 I haven't been keeping up very well, but I'm not quite throwing in the towel either.
Here are my last weeks photos **big smiley face**.

15. Something I see every morning:

16. What's in my bag:
gym bag/purse
17. Something Sweet:
$90 Steve Maddens, bought for $25! I think that's a pretty SWEET deal!

18. Nature:
Just wrapped up our daffodil fund raiser for ACS. I raised a total of $1,130.00!

19. A Gift:
Ears Pierced & earrings from Nino Michael :)
20. Something I bought:
The Storm Trooper!!

21. Best Part of my day:

Being with these 3 of course!

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