Party Mode

With Lori's 1st birthday quickly approaching I am in full on party-planning-mode. All I think about is my to-do list and shopping list. I double check it every other hour making sure I didn't leave anything out. And thanks to Pinterest I add something new every other hour =\. For her party I won't be working on another pinata...I think Vayda's was my first and last. At least for a few years. But I do have a few things up my sleeve. I'm hoping it all turns out they way it looks in my head lol. 

I'm so excited and also in shock that our little garbage pale kid is turning ONE. This is insane to me. No wonder people have so many kids, time really does fly! And no, that was not a hint that we are working on all. I love our little family of 4. 

A few of my favorite pics from this weekend: 

"lucky" Lori Darling - 11 months old and starting to walk!! =] She took 4 steps last night!

"hey look I'm Moma" haha

Vayda walked around the car show this weekend with her puppy

Couldn't be happier...


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