Confession Wednesday [4]

Since I started this little link up I feel like Wednesday's come a lot quicker. I don't mind, it just means we are halfway through the week and that is a-ok with this girl. We have lots of fun plans this weekend, including more ballet fun with Vayda and my cousins wedding! 

Which brings me to my confession #1: I am a HUGE hopeless romantic. No really, I am. I love everything about weddings and could attend a wedding everyday for the rest of my life if I was allowed. Everything from the music before the ceremony while people are being seated to set the mood (I get all giddy inside), to the vows, the wedding glow all around, smirks on the bride & grooms' face that only they know what the other one is thinking, to the crazy fun dancing and wedding cake (can't leave that out right!?). I love it all! 

A little insight as too how much of a hopeless romantic I am...
this lil piece of work is on my side ;)
confession #2: While I'm a huge romantic giddy nerd, I have a bad habit of elbowing Vic in my excitement. It's almost like I think if I elbow him he will feel the emotion and be giddy with me. I learned quickly, that is not how it works and he does not appreciate my elbows tapping his or in his side lol. Seriously, he dislikes this haha.  

confession #3: Even though I absolutely adore my girls and love every little moment with them, I am thrilled that Vic and I are taking a night off, booked a hotel room and going are to the wedding just the two of us. I don't think he and I have done this once so I am definitely excited to get some adult time in...especially since racing season is starting up soon. I need to soak up all the Victor Mack time I can lol. 

The Linkup will be open till next Wednesday. Simply link up your confession(s), kindly add my button to your post and spread some comment love. But most of all have fun with it. It's Wednesday, why not?!

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