Confession Wednesday [3]

Ahhh I'm so late on posting this post. I'm going to try and start writing these link ups the night before. Mornings are kind of ridiculous for me. 

My confession for today: I am still super giddy inside about my new job. On the outside I'm playing cool but on the inside I'm doing my happy dance through the parking garage. I'm on week 4 and I still love riding the elevator to my little cubicle. 
There have been some bumps along the way, but it comes down to one thing CYOA (cover your own ass). Yep this one's for you girly ;] lol. People are catty I tell you, but as long as you CYOA, nothing can be said. 

side note: After getting Vayda to finally get out of bed I said, "Good morning honey bee" she replies, "I'm not a honey bee moma, I'm a lion!" then I heard her roar quietly in the bathroom while she's on the potty. lol I love that kid! 

Happy Hump Day! Don't forget to link up to Confession Wednesday - the links are open for a week :). 
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