Lucky's Lullaby

Within the last week and a half Lori has learned how to give besitos (little kisses). Sometimes sweet, sometimes rough, sometimes wet and sometimes ending in a harsh bite with those new little white daggers baby teeth haha.

But this morning it was nothing but sweetness.
I woke up to her holding my face in place and repeatedly and ever so gently kissing me on my lips. I was still half asleep so I kissed her back a few times and waited to see what she would do next. Normally by this time she does her Godzilla impression and crawls all over everything and everyone, growls and bites everything in sight. Not this morning. This morning after her sweet besos she laid back down with her hand on my face and laid quietly, watching me.

How freaking adorable is she?! When I finally got up my alarm went off and she sat up and began rocking back and forth to the music. Apparently her favorite song is "First Love" by Adele lol.

When I was driving them to Nana Tula's for the day I played the song again to see her reaction and she knocked out! Looks like I found her lullaby.

Lucky's Lullaby:


Rita said...

That is such a sweet story.

Yesterday I got an email from a coworker and another mom of a girl in Lucia's class. She said that her daughter had a rash on her face and Lucia was so concerned about her that she wouldn't leave her side. I was so happy to hear that and told her that I was, especially after Lucia's history of biting other kids. Of course, after not having been told that she's bitten anyone in months, the first thing her teacher told me when I arrived yesterday was that she was trying to bite her friend. Go figure.

Besitos to Lucky.

Libby A. said...

hahaha oh Lucia! Kind heart with tough love lol.


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