Happy 30th my VMack!

It's my hubbs' birthday today!!!
 I truly, from the bottom of my heart, hope you have a great day today!

Whether you're working on the new project ;), getting some new ink, at the DMV (lol) or even at home getting some rest, I hope it's a perfect day for you. And I especially hope you enjoy pancakes this morning with your momma!

I know you don't like to make a big deal of things and you're happy if we just stayed home and ate pizza, but please bear with me. Your wife loves you to death and wants to smother you in love lol.

Thank you for being the bestest best friend & hubbs a girls could ask for.
Both Vay and Lucky are so blessed to be able to call you Papa!
We love you!
Hopefully we can get into some epic birthday shenanigans tonight and this weekend!

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