Bread Box Lovin' & Fridays Letters

Remember that rad bread box I found and scored on at the swap meet? Well here is a little bread box update. Spreading the bread box love....

before her good scrubin'


<>I'm loving the shelves and the cutting board door.

looking all cozy in her new spot

Yes she is a she...and I may or may not say good morning pretty bread box to her once in a while haha. 

Moving on to Fridays Letters :).

Dear Hubbs,
I hope you feel better soon! This week has been tough on you and I am so glad the weekend is almost here. I loved watching you play with the girls at "pizza planet" and I am so thankful for you every single day! Also, thank you bunches for watching the girls tonight so B and I can have a girls night at the Ozo concert :). You truly are the best! I plan on packing you with tons of vitamins this weekend so you feel better soon. I love you mucho!

Dear Vayda,
You know how to pull on your Papa and my heart strings VERY well! When you woke up crying in your big girl bed sniffling and telling us how the man in the corner with the big head was scaring you and you thought he was going to get you, you knew we couldn't leave you there, didn't you? And when you blame Maleificent for things that you've done (i.e. a drink spilled, dvd scratched etc) we just say uh huh and fix whatever happened. You definitely have us wrapped around your little finger, you little actress. We love you very much...we need to work on a little less giving in I think haha.
I love you my big girl!

Oh Lori,
Your two teeth that were taunting you finally popped up this week! Does this mean we will get a little more sleep and less biteing...please? You do look adorable at 3 in the morning when you're as happy as can be, but it's not a good look on me when I'm rolling into work with luggage under my eyes haha.
Love you baby Lucky!

And to myself,
I've never written myself, but what the heck lol. STAY POSITIVE!
The end. haha

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Ana Carneiro said...

Love the little message you wrote yourself =)

Karla said...

Aww good Job to the hubby for being a tropper! Have fun tonight :)


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