Swap Meet Sunday!

It's not every Sunday that we go to the swap meet, but when we do it's always a good time. Whether you find something amazing or you simply enjoy the walk, people watching and maybe some kettle korn, you can't go wrong at the swap meet. 

I've always loved garage sales, thrift stores and well, other peoples junk. What's even more fun is the fact that the hubby loves it all too. I don't think it would be half as fun going through each isle without him there or having to come home with some odd stuff and have to explain haha. 

Like always, we didn't go looking for anything in particular, just a nice Sunday stroll through the Kobey's swap meet. It turned out to be a huge success for the two of us, and I guess Vay and Lori as well. Lori got a great nap in, Vayda got some yummy kettle korn, I found a rad 50's - 60's teal and copper Beauty Box by Lincoln (bread box), a vintage cushion (with BIG plans) and Vic found an engine stand.  All great deals!

I'm sure we looked like happy swap meet nerds as we were leaving the lot. I guess you can't not stare when your stroller looks like this... 

my cushion draped over the bread box and  the engine stand in the background lol.

Check out some more of our swap meet fun 'n finds:

mmm so pretty too!

my newest kitchen happy moma ;)

"the ultimate relaxer, with her hands up, checking out the view and kettle korn" VMack

check out those beauties

the father and son from Storage Wars

kettle korn dance?

she looks grumpy but she was content haha.
The first of many Swap Meet Sunday posts! Until next time...


Marybeth said...

I LOVE swap meets! They used to have them all the time in New Mexico when I used to live there, but apparently South Dakota doesn't do them. Sad day! they are so fun! Looks like you got some steals!

Thanks for the comment on my blog! Blog Swaps are SO fun! You should join!


Libby A. said...

Aren't they the greatest?! Hopefully there will be one there soon for you :].

I'm on my way to joining right now..thanks again for the heads up and thanks even more for stoping by!

Rita said...

oooo, that bread box is preeeteee.


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