And she did it. Yup, all on her little lonesome. I was in the kitchen and heard Vic yell…and I mean yell! LIBBY!! I freaked out and was thinking a million things that could have been going on. When I got in the room he was smiling from ear to ear. Vay looked up at me, pants down and all and said it, “I went poopoo in the potty!”. We were all SO excited! Haha is that what you expected?

Up until now Vayda has been scared to go #2 in the potty. Personally, I think she wanted to impress her Papa. He was out of town racing for 8 days and the morning he came back that is what she did. She woke him up and said she had to go. No coaxing, no bribes, she did just that…went poop. Amen for Poop in the potty!

Since then she has continued on a great path. Is this it? Only one in diapers? I’m not going to hold my breath, but man this feels great! You better believe we celebrated! We went to “Pizza Planet” aka John’s Incredible Pizza.

Our little big girl!

Oh, And the little one is 3 months old now! Her first trip to Ruby's Diner:
I think Vay won this one lol. Lori and I are cheering in the background ;).


Rita said...

YAY Vayda! You are such a big girl!

Libby A. said...

Yup! Now she reminds us she can go to school bc of this excited.

Anonymous said...

congrats vay !!! yay!! auntie meens is very proud !! please tell her that... the girls are looking beautiful as always as well as you momma... you glow !! miss you all familia... tell papa too i miss him too.. see you guys soon besos!!


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