I spy...

A Baby....wait two babies!

Toes! Yup, about 2 weeks ago Lori dicovered her wonderful toes. And how delicious those toes are too!

about 14 weeks old

A cowgirl....Introducing, the rootin' tootinest cowgirl around, baby Vayda!!! *applause applause**

2 almost 3

Giraffe tails?!

Pinkies! A lady always keeps her pinky out when drinking tea. Can you spy that natural pinky?

And some lost pictures from the view and their view at 40 wks.

thanks for playing! 


Rita said...

How fun! Lori is sitting up (in the moby! Mom told me about Rainforest cafe, a little much for Vayda too?

Libby said...

Yeah Lori is getting SO big! Lori was fine at the restaurant...Vayda was throwing a fit! It was too funny. I think part of it was her being an actress...


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