Leave of Absence...and loving it!

Since my leave of absence has started I have had a hard time sleeping at night. Whether I wake up because I need to go to the bathroom (which is the case 99% of the time), have bad indigestion, I'm thinking about what project I can do next or wondering when and how Lori is going to make her grand entrance, I can't go back to sleep for the life of me. It's annoying. Especially since I KNOW how valuable sleep is right now :/.

It's Monday morning, 5:30am. I have been tossing and turning in bed since 3:30am. So it's about time I jump on my computer and blog away. I've been on leave for two weeks now and haven't blogged since I left work. I think I was waiting to get stuff around the house done before I sat down at the computer.....oh and it's a difficult task with a 2 year old running around and trying to pound at the computer keys.

Besides my lack of sleep, I've had a greeeeaaaaat time being on leave. I love spending this alone time with Vayda. We have been calling these days "momma and Vayda days", it makes me so happy when she asks if it's another Momma and Vayda day. When I say yes she gives me a big grin...heart melting, right?! She is such a sponge and so full of character, there is never a dull moment around this little one. She is speaking in full sentences and does not hold back. Her latest topic of conversation is about how Woodrow, our pit bull (aka her "brother") that lives at Vic's mom's house, poops in the grass. And how Papa has to pic up the poop lol. She also says "bah-humbug" to almost everything. She knows exactly when to use the phrase and yes, bah-humbug from the Christmas Carol. We cannot seem to pack away this Disney Christmas DVD and she insists that she watches it still. So for example, if we say that she needs to eat dinner before dessert, her answer is a quick, "bah-humbug" lol. Yesterday Vic and I both gave her an answer that she didn't want to hear and we got a "bah-humbug to both of you" haha. We try not to let her see us laugh at it too much so it doesn't become a bad habit but you better believe we are laughing when she isn't looking, it's too funny how she comes up with things or sticks to things like that.

I'm pretty sure she is going to be in some kind of drama/singing club as well. While watching her favorite Disney cartoons she will get up during her favorite scenes and start to act out the scene or sing the song. She gets very into it...if it's an emotional scene she will have that exact body language and facial expressions, it's hilarious. My project for this week is to get some of these moments on video. Sometimes I'm not sure if she is really only 2 and a half. She is such a joy and SUCH a character! If you're in the grocery store and start hearing a little 2 yr old singing on the top of her lungs Jesus Loves me or the song from Tangled, "At last I see the Light"....Vayda is near ;).

A few of our "Momma and Vayda Day" adventures together...

painting The Cat in the Hat pictures on the balcony

Showing off her artistic talents....on her belly :)

Large squeals when we were in the car wash. Yes, those are diapers on her Minnie Mice (?)

Seaport Village carousel, priceless smile.

And painting more eggs for Easter....after Easter. She was insisting haha. These happened to be 3D Toy Story eggs!!

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