38 weeks 'n counting

Exactly 10 days till my due date, you better believe I'm counting down! Don't get me wrong, no aches and pains, besides the expected bone pain, getting ready for labor I'm sure. I'm just ready to hold this little one. At my last Dr appt, I was told I'm still only 1cm dilated....I think she was just saying that to be nice. She also told me that Vayda spoiled me by coming early (I agree) and to enjoy this quiet time before the baby arrives. Which I totally's just hard when you're waiting for all the excitement and long nights lol. With that being said, I'm trying my best to stay occupied. I'm excited for my parents to be in town this weekend for Mothers Day, that will help keep my mind busy. Here are a few more Vayda & Momma adventures...these are precious moments.

Sticker mania...please remind me why I showed her how to take them off the paper?! lol

The New Children's Museum...she LOVED it (so did I)!

dress up area...My first to-do with my new sewing machine will be to make costumes and tents like these, she couldn't get enough!

The bouncy in the museum =]

I wish I had a nicer camera for these pictures :\.

In the belly of the horse

projects in the museum....I am terrified at this moment, she would not let go of the scissors...You're 2 child! lol

no words, :)



Rita said...

She is a girl after my own heart. Crafty, dress-up, love it! Gotta get that machine to you asap.

PS Remember what happened last time mom and dad were in town. Watch out if their car will break down again.

Rita said...

PS I love LOVE the new banner


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