Acid Indegestion...I loath you!

I have now gone through 3 containers of Tums (actually Target’s brand Up&Up, they seem to taste less chalky). Each were a 72-pk which is a total of 216 chewable tablets. I’ve been pregnant for 214 days. The number is about right. Mind you I’ve had days where I take them up to 3 times a day. Before questioning if it’s safe…it is. The Dr said as long as I don’t exceed 8 a day (think that’s what the magic number was) then we are ok. Added bonus, there is a TON of calcium in them so baby Lori and I have to have thee strongest bones by now! Oh the joys of pregnancy =]. It could always be worse.

Update from the last post:

Dr. Huskey said exactly what I thought she would say. The pain in my hips are normal and there is really nothing I can do about it. She suggested wearing a belly band to sort of lift the baby a little off my hips. So I have it on and I have to say I have noticed a little difference (this could be a cause for all the indigestion today though lol). Apparently it’s more common in your second+ pregnancy. But other than that she said everything else looks great! Glucose test came back 90, anything below 140 is good and my blood test did not have any signs of Anemia. Now we are going to the Dr for checkups every two weeks, YAY!


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