30 weeks!

I hit 30 weeks today! For the most part it's been smooth sailing. I do have to say though, my bones are beginning to hurt a lot sooner than they did with Vayda and my left leg feels like it's going to give out at times =\. This Wednesday is my next doctor appointment so hopefully it's just a healthy sign that she is moving into position. I will keep you updated.

Other than that, I still don't mind being's actually fun! :) Just don't take that the wrong way...we are not planning on another one for a while (despite whatever Vic has told some of you haha). This momma needs to recuperate!

On another note, we hit our first hive outbreak with Vayda :(. The hives were everywhere! We analyzed everything she could have eaten out of the ordinary or rubbed against but we still have no idea what it could be from. Especially if it was something she rubbed against, an outbreak from that can show 24-48 hours after the interaction! I didn't know that until now.

Despite her looking adorably sad in this picture, she was actually a good 'lil trooper! We followed the doctors orders and gave her Aveeno baths and Benedryl. She itched a few times but never complained. I am so thankful that it wasn't any worse...but talk about a scare! Now we know all the signs for the next time/next kid ;).


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