Custom Hair Clip Holder

Along with cupcakes I made for baby Leyla's arrival I also made her a hair clip holder. This was SO fun to make and really simple! I bought one of these on Etsy for Vayda after she was born and since then I was determined to make one.

I bought the wood circle, wood letter, wood glue and ribbons (I already had the butterfly, marbled paper and mod podge).

Began by painting the letter and the round circle. Let that dry. Trace the letter onto the marbled paper (paper of your choice). Once you cut that out, apply it on the wood letter with Mod Podge. Once that dries, glue the letter to the circle with the wood glue and hot glue the butterfly to the front and ribbons on the back. So simple right?

I forgot to take pictures as I was making this, but I will the next time.

More to come...babies are everywhere! Not to mention, baby Lori needs one too! ;)


Ed Delgado said...

Love it mija. I am so proud of you. You have a beautiful family. Keep it that way mija. Those words I read when you were married came to you from my heart. DAD

Libby said...

thank you dad! love you too!


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